Queue the Accordions


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After what seems like eons I finally feel my self inflicted writers block lifting and giving way for a need to write once again. We’ve  been through some exciting changes in the last couple of months and it is about time we shared.

Traveling has and will always be on my bottomless bucket list and this semester we were able to check a great one off mine – Paris. Currently being juniors we wanted a change of pace one last time before the madness that is senior year engulfed our lives. The remedy to that was new adventures, places and people; whisking away where even the language is unfamiliar to us. Life as always is just as hectic, school work is never ending and at par with New York but this city has an atmosphere, one may call it a calming thrill. It is full of beautiful juxtapositions and this couldn’t be a better experience.

For now we’re living; what I think, is every design student’s dream. Stay posted for updates from Paris and around, we plan to be a whole lot more consistent now that we seem to have everything together. We hope that we can convey this city to you as if you were here yourselves.

Top of the Arc de Triomphe

Top of the Arc de Triomphe

From Paris, with love,



The Thought of Change


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Being a part of an industry whose basis thrives on everything superficial really makes one think sometimes whether there is a greater good to what we’re doing. As much as fashion is about thought, passion and presentation and sort of a heritage almost being carried down the years, with changing times there are a few out there who had started to rethink clothing.

With a rise in fast fashion, with its certain conveniences has also led to a rise in problems, bigger than just economics, examples recently seen in the Bangladesh factory mishap. Maybe this is the mark of a what the future holds, maybe the rise of a different industry altogether. maybe its time for change through thoughts of people like these and a try by some of us.

I came across these entrepreneurs that i have been wanting to write about for a while. Each with some great ideas, on what clothing is and what it can be, they are challenging the foundation of clothes making, with a difference in materiality, of what clothes can be; technique and a greater thought of saving the limited resource-Earth.


Manel Torres: http://tedxtalks.ted.com/video/TEDxLSE-Manel-Torres-Spray-On-F

bio-couture-1Suzanne Lee: http://www.ted.com/talks/suzanne_lee_grow_your_own_clothes.html

Lucy McRae:

Maybe its too much information, maybe they are too many directions. Maybe for now they are just words, ideas and prototypes. but that is, just for now.


Naked Summer Days


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Summer in New York, which should be known for its heatstrokes, has its ups and downs. On one hand we think tea parties, enormous bubbles and light reading under a tree in central park but then we have all the running around- summer school credits, internships and for those lucky few, paying jobs. Amidst the mess of attempting a balancing act between the two we try to look our best but with the heat beating down on us, I mostly feel like I’m melting.

Now there really isn’t a solution to this predicament but we can certainly fake it. Flouncey skirts, light shorts and sheer almost everything have been and always will be the staples of summer but with the heat rising I would like to introduce my new favorite. The practicallybutnotreally naked heel – and Valentino has done it with all the grace that you would expect. The new Rockstud Naked collection boasting about walking on air has caught a little bit of my heart- Plexiglass heels and transparent PVC straps decorated with Swarovski studs to be more specific.

The shoes look as effortless as I wish summer would be.

The entire collection: http://www.valentino.com/en/collections/accessories/lines/rockstud-naked/1



Return of the 20s- Miuccia Prada for The Great Gatsby


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Baz Luhrmann’s rendition of Fitzgerald’s classic The Great Gatsby has done a lot to stir up talks in fashion as Miuccia Prada and Catherine Martin bring back the 20s with a beautiful modern twist.

We were lucky to catch the exhibit at the SoHo store earlier this month to experience the elaborate works of the designers who reinvented and brought back to life; the golden age.

Four outfits that we loved, in maroon, gold, orange and of course Daisy’s charming pink chandelier dress. While capturing the 20s, there is a certain modernity to these. What made the outfits even more spectacular? Definitely the accessories the jewelry, shoe and millinery work is wonders.

IMG_1570 IMG_1562 IMG_1599 IMG_1612 2 IMG_1626 IMG_1602IMG_1580 IMG_1622Parigna