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Summer in New York, which should be known for its heatstrokes, has its ups and downs. On one hand we think tea parties, enormous bubbles and light reading under a tree in central park but then we have all the running around- summer school credits, internships and for those lucky few, paying jobs. Amidst the mess of attempting a balancing act between the two we try to look our best but with the heat beating down on us, I mostly feel like I’m melting.

Now there really isn’t a solution to this predicament but we can certainly fake it. Flouncey skirts, light shorts and sheer almost everything have been and always will be the staples of summer but with the heat rising I would like to introduce my new favorite. The practicallybutnotreally naked heel – and Valentino has done it with all the grace that you would expect. The new Rockstud Naked collection boasting about walking on air has caught a little bit of my heart- Plexiglass heels and transparent PVC straps decorated with Swarovski studs to be more specific.

The shoes look as effortless as I wish summer would be.

The entire collection: http://www.valentino.com/en/collections/accessories/lines/rockstud-naked/1