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Being a part of an industry whose basis thrives on everything superficial really makes one think sometimes whether there is a greater good to what we’re doing. As much as fashion is about thought, passion and presentation and sort of a heritage almost being carried down the years, with changing times there are a few out there who had started to rethink clothing.

With a rise in fast fashion, with its certain conveniences has also led to a rise in problems, bigger than just economics, examples recently seen in the Bangladesh factory mishap. Maybe this is the mark of a what the future holds, maybe the rise of a different industry altogether. maybe its time for change through thoughts of people like these and a try by some of us.

I came across these entrepreneurs that i have been wanting to write about for a while. Each with some great ideas, on what clothing is and what it can be, they are challenging the foundation of clothes making, with a difference in materiality, of what clothes can be; technique and a greater thought of saving the limited resource-Earth.


Manel Torres: http://tedxtalks.ted.com/video/TEDxLSE-Manel-Torres-Spray-On-F

bio-couture-1Suzanne Lee: http://www.ted.com/talks/suzanne_lee_grow_your_own_clothes.html

Lucy McRae:

Maybe its too much information, maybe they are too many directions. Maybe for now they are just words, ideas and prototypes. but that is, just for now.