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After what seems like eons I finally feel my self inflicted writers block lifting and giving way for a need to write once again. We’ve  been through some exciting changes in the last couple of months and it is about time we shared.

Traveling has and will always be on my bottomless bucket list and this semester we were able to check a great one off mine – Paris. Currently being juniors we wanted a change of pace one last time before the madness that is senior year engulfed our lives. The remedy to that was new adventures, places and people; whisking away where even the language is unfamiliar to us. Life as always is just as hectic, school work is never ending and at par with New York but this city has an atmosphere, one may call it a calming thrill. It is full of beautiful juxtapositions and this couldn’t be a better experience.

For now we’re living; what I think, is every design student’s dream. Stay posted for updates from Paris and around, we plan to be a whole lot more consistent now that we seem to have everything together. We hope that we can convey this city to you as if you were here yourselves.

Top of the Arc de Triomphe

Top of the Arc de Triomphe

From Paris, with love,