Punk Mania


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The couture to chaos show at the Metropolitan museum of art initially gave my group and I the base we needed for our final project of the semester. We focused in on three forms of punk: Cyber, Glam and Gothic. We ventured off from the obvious spikes; using unusual hardware and fabric to widen our imagination and scope into punk.

This weekend the two of us finally got to experience the flow of punk through the years with pieces by the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Rei Kawakubo, Gareth Pugh, Nicolas Ghesquière, Alexander McQueen, Junya Watanabe, Yohji Yamamoto and many other talented designers. They graced the world with a trend that is very much alive today, much more so on the streets of Japan. Vivienne Westwood being a particular contributor to the punk scene in the UK in the 1980’s, she created the look that was uniform for the Sex Pistols.

The exhibit featured truly great  skills of construction and ingenuity from intricately knitted pieces by Rodarte to various forms of deconstruction by Rei Kawakubo (Comme de Garçons); with the theatrically spray painted Dress No.13 from the Savage Beauty collection (spring/summer 1999) by McQueen amidst them. The exhibit of course would have been incomplete without the CBGB bathroom recreation at the very beginning to set the atmosphere.

If you’re in New York between May 9th and August 14th I highly recommend you go take a look!


diyhardwarezandrarhodes2bricolage spray angle-Priyanka


Magic called 3D Printing


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Since our society is moving ahead in a direction entailing technology to be involved with our lives at every step, Fashion has taken a step forward with several recent developments in 3D printing.

Why I write about it has several folds to it.

First for its materiality, second its environmental consequences, third for its ability to create absolutely anything and fourth being that it is hands down brilliant!

A project that i worked on this past semester was based on this futuristic view of earth and humanity and its fashion implications. While sustainable fashion with hemp and organic cotton is done and done, we chose to look into an idea that focused on controlled consumption instead of no consumption at all. Lighter colors-lesser dyes, vegan option to wool and silk and of course 3D printing- safe materiality, an almost immortal product and the ability to destruct and re create without any additions.

Our collection involved a lot of shapes and textures that possibly only 3D printing could create and supported much of our philosophy for a safer, technological however primitive future.

Iris van Herpen did some inspiring work at the Amsterdam Fashion Week with some great structures and textures not only brining in a new way of production but also enabling a new range of what can be worn.

Besides all the innovation, her work is pure beauty and strength.

LR_5124-LRG LR_6291-LRG IrisVHerpen0708-206And with all this brilliance she has certainly found an admirer in me.

prepare to be mind blown : www.irisvanherpen.com


Valentino Want List


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Have you ever come across a collection that you want to own every piece of?

Silhouettes eloquently expressed- from structure to flow, edgy folds to classic detailed sequin and embroidery , Valentino Fall/Winter 13-14 is now on top of our unrealistic want list.

Here are the (sohardtopick) top choices, for the rest, click here to experience eternal joy:  Valentino 13/14


14418-ready-to-wear-fall-winter-2013-14- 14414-ready-to-wear-fall-winter-2013-14-14468-ready-to-wear-fall-winter-2013-14- 14467-ready-to-wear-fall-winter-2013-14-

And ofcourse the accessory we’d not even need to highlight: The fabulous fabulous Rockstud Kittens!

tumblr_m9xp4rU9BH1qz9i7ro1_1280_large-Priyanka & Parigna

Sun, Sand & Sea


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Just enough time for a quick trip to Miami and back; spring break’13 turned out to be just what we needed to get ready to tackle the rest of the semester.
With the much needed getaway from the ice box that is New York; we welcomed the warm sunshine with the most carefree clothing we could find in our closet.

Monday morning three hours before our flight we were still packing, vetoing one outfit after another, attempting to pack light for our trip. We wanted, no, needed this break and the pressure was on to make it perfect. Needless to say that all that was required to make it perfect were the white beaches and blue waters. While Miami is known for its great nightlife and exquisite sites, we took solace in lazing around in the sun reading, eating some fabulous food and catching up on some well deserved rest.


Greetings from Miami


The Best Things


Espanola Way


We certainly left behind a mark


Happy like a Fool


Postcard Situation


Reason to Fly Back #1


Nikki Beach


Happy Girls Are The Prettiest ~ Audrey Hepburn


Sunny Side Up


Very Perry Strawberry


Water Babies

For now its back to the old life, with happy memories, until next time, Miami~

-Parigna & Priyanka